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Happy New Thursday Round-up!

Greetings, friends!  Here’s what exciting in the new year thus far:

Round-up of Space Science Performed in 2010
Titan May Be Capable of Creating DNA
Awesome Solar Eclipse Picture (with bonus ISS)
Mars Rovers Celebrate 7 Years on the Red Planet

Odd fact about why the shuttle’s solid rocket boosters are the size they are
Solar System Missions for 2011

NASA Rates the Best/Worst Science Fiction Films (by SCIENCE)
11 Scifi/Fantasy Books To Look Forward to in 2011
11 Scifi/Fantasy TV Shows To Look Forward to in 2011
Contest to win a copy of Gena Showalter’s Intertwined

Misc Books
New York Times’ Bestsellers from week of your birth (#1 for me? Space by James Michener)

Writing vs. Storytelling
Writing in the Age of Distraction

Whatever Else I Thought Was Neat
Detroit in Ruins
Map of US Dialects
Steampunk Pen
Lovely Steampunk-y Art

And for those who are interested, Hidden Worlds (fantasy adventure novella extraordinaire) is now available for Barnes and Noble’s Nook.