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When the Doubts Hit

We all hit these low points, the ones following some sort of disappointment (or sometimes not), where you stare at what you’re doing and wonder if you should just give up.  If it’s worth it to keep going for rewards that may never come.  If you’re wasting your time and that of those people around you.

It happens to everyone.  But it’s never fun.

I find myself in one at the moment.  And it’s different from the more common “Oh no, I got a rejection or a bad review” low.  This is something more insidious.  I find myself feeling the need to examine my entire system of operating, because it’s not working.  Something deeper is wrong, and I don’t know what it is.

Something fundamental to the way I work needs to change.  I’ve had some clues over the past few months, but this fact really hit home this morning.  I’m unhappy with my progress on things, but have been unable to concentrate on actually working.  Something has to change.

I’m unsure how exactly to go about pinpointing the issue.  More likely it is a combination of things – my lack of progress, a general lack of confidence in my own skill, changes and shifts in my support groups, things of that ilk.  I am leaning towards doing a freewrite and seeing what comes out of it.

What do you do when your paradigm needs a shift?