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I Spent Half of Yesterday Locked Out

I had a grand plans of productivity this week. I was going to catch up and be amazing! But so far I’ve pulled my foot, had two snow days, and got locked out of my house for most of yesterday afternoon.

It was one of those things you just have to laugh at. Often, after lunch, I take the dog for a walk around the block and through our local open space park. It takes about 15 minutes to do our loop. Sometimes, if we’re feeling motivated, we’ll do a longer loop, but it’s snowed a lot recently and everything is muddy, so aside from going on the bridge over the creek to see how high it was, we just did our normal loop.

Now, I didn’t take any house keys with me. I rarely do. We have a keypad on the outside of the garage, so normally I go out and in that way, and that’s what I did yesterday.

HOWEVER, in the fifteen minutes I was out of the house, the power went out. Of course it didn’t go out the four hours I was home. It goes out the only fifteen minutes I was outside.

And, of course, the garage door will not open without power. And the house is locked up tight, because of course it is. Every window, locked. Every door, locked.

I mean, it wasn’t the end of the world. It was warm enough, not precipitating, and I had my phone and a coat. But it quickly became apparent that the power was not coming back on any time soon, and my car was in the garage, which I could not get into, and I needed the car to pick up the small, mobile ones from school.

Long story short, each of my neighbors on either side took me to get a child. I had to discourage the larger, mobile one from trying to pick the lock on the front door. The dog was very confused about why I would not let her into the house.

Finally, just before dinner time, the power came on and the house was regained.

So, yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped.

But overall, I’m pretty proud of myself. I kept a good humor about everything the whole time, so it didn’t ruin my day, and that’s been hard recently, you know? It’s funny in retrospect (what are the odds of it being THAT exact 15 minutes?), no one was hurt or cold, and, in the great scheme things, there are other days to be productive. And I have great neighbors who were more than willing to help (and now are owed baked goods of some sort).

How have you been, squider?

Memory of Place

Around this time of year, I occasionally get a bit nostalgic, and various childhood memories sneak in here and there. Last week I was at the Tattered Cover with the small, mobile ones buying gift cards for the larger mobile one’s teachers. The Tattered Cover is a local bookstore chain. The original store I was familiar with was in a fancy shopping area called Cherry Creek, and I would swear we practically lived there when I was little.

(I called my mother to see if this was just childhood exaggeration, but she says we were there fairly often.)

The original Tattered Cover was amazing. If my memory serves me–and it may not–it was a towering bookstore, four or five stories tall, not counting the basement, and it was a chaotic mess. There seemed to be little order to the sections, and you’d often have to explore multiple levels, with their maze-like shelves, to find what you were looking for (provided you were looking for something specific). For a small bookworm, it was heaven, equal parts mystery and adventure.

(Unfortunately, the Cherry Creek location went out of business about ten years ago, and while there are three current locations, none of them quite manages the magic of the older location, though they still have interesting organization and they try to stick in hidden corners where possible.)

There are other places that have stuck with me over the years. What is it about these places? I think it’s that they all have a little bit of magic to them, something that makes them a little different. These can be places you’ve been a million times or a place you’ve only seen once.

I was going to make this a reading analogy, about how some stories stick with you, even years later, but I’m not quite sure it’s necessary. But it’s good to have a little bit of magic in our lives, and perhaps it’s most important to remember that through the holidays, when tensions run high and stress threatens to drag us all down.

If you have one of these places still, maybe it’s worth it to take the time to spend some time there, to let the magic wash over you as much as possible.

What are some of the magical places in your life?