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RSS Feeds

Well, Squiders, I did a whole bunch of marketing research before Shards was released. And some of the research I did told me that I should set up a reader and subscribe to RSS feeds that I could then use to make intelligent and interesting conversation, here on the blog and on twitter and, in theory, on any other social media I chose to use as a part of my author platform.

So I dutifully did so.

And I think I’m doing it wrong. First of all, it falls by the wayside whenever I’m really busy, and then when I come back to it, after a few weeks (or a month), it’s backed up, and I kind of speedread through everything, and invariably the most interesting things are the old ones, and conversation about them is either 1) out of date, or 2) everyone who cares has already seen it.

I’ve got my reader categories: writing, fantasy/scifi, science and mythology, and individual authors. And, unfortunately, some of these feeds are highly prolific. Very interesting, yes, but if I read everything they put out, I’d never have time for anything else.

So I’ve found I mostly just read through things, don’t use them for anything useful, and retweet interesting stories about space and archeology.

Do any of you know how to do this properly, or have any advice? Should I just give up on the whole process?