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Feeling Untethered

So, we’re temporarily not living in our house. Most people, when they’re very sick, will sleep and read and watch TV, but my husband decided this was a perfect time to have work done on the house.

Specifically, to remove the early 80s popcorn ceiling throughout. Which precipitated not only having to get almost everything we own out of the house, but also ourselves, since there is not usable furniture or anything of that ilk.

(It sucks to take everything you own out of your house. It’s like moving, but without the end result of hopefully having a nice, new place to live.)

So we’re living with my mother-in-law this week, which isn’t bad, but it does make me feel…listless. I don’t have anything to do–no real dishes, or chores, or cleaning. She’s around to help with the small, mobile ones so I don’t need to focus on them as much as usual. I should be able to do all the writing and drawing and whatnot that I could possibly want to.

But I’m not. Mostly I’ve been listening to the TANIS podcast and using a coloring app on my phone (one of those color by number apps).

I kind of hoped it was just yesterday–a recovery, if you will, from spending several days moving everything I owned. Today isn’t much better.

(And now it’s Wednesday, so apparently Tuesday was not better at all.

I have managed to read a book I owe a review on, so there’s something! But man, it is rough going here. Tomorrow, perhaps?

How are you doing, squiders? Tips for re-setting yourself when everything feels adrift?