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What Day is It?

Sorry, squiders! I don’t mean to only be posting once a week at the moment, I just honestly never remember it’s Tuesday until it’s, like, dinner time.

(Also, it’s Wednesday–obviously–which is a school day for the smaller, mobile one, yet I got no instructions from her teacher for today. I think there may not be school due to conferences but who knows anymore?)

(She’s making evil Easter eggs next to me, which is an interesting choice, but hey, whatever floats her boat.)

I read something this morning that says that, psychologically, it’s okay that we’re all still in panic mode, it’s normal when something traumatic upends your life, and how it’s important to take care of yourself and not beat yourself up for being mostly useless.

(Although I did finally update the books and short stories on my website! I made new sections for anthologies and nonfiction, which are accessible under the “Stories” header in the menu. It was a long time coming, I’m very proud.)

So, if you too are not getting much done, I wanted to give you some feel good things to do in your non-productive time, so at least you feel a little better.

First off, I’ve got Some Good News, featuring John Krasinski of Office and Jack Ryan fame. He very obviously got bored and decided to make a half-ass news show, and it’s amazing. Also it may make you cry. Good cry, though.

My favorite Ghoul Boys of Buzzfeed Unsolved recently started their own channel, and since the shelter-in-place orders went into place, they’ve stared a D&D campaign with their friends. It’s worth it just for Shane’s accents.

And then there’s this, which is…well, just watch it.

You have anything interesting and uplifting you’ve found?