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The Wonders of Webcomics

If you’ve been a denizen of the internet for a while, you are no doubt aware of the existence of webcomics.

They are everywhere.

They run the gambit from amateur attempts with poor storytelling and art to epic fantasy worlds to nerdy takes on the world to combinations of all of the above and beyond.

Even if you’re not really into comics, I’d bet you can find one that you’d like.  It’d be near impossible not to, with the range of what is out there.  There’s scifi, romance, fantasy, mystery – short series, that last only a few months, and massive epics that last years.  There’s funny ones and serious ones and realistic ones and every sort of combination.

They’re also somewhat evil.  You stop by one, decide it looks interesting, and next thing you know, it’s four hours later and you have gotten nothing done.  Eeeevil.  And then you catch back up and have to wait for updates.  Alas.  And some update daily, but most do not.  Some do not have regular update schedules at all, which is VERY AGGRAVATING.

What are your favorite webcomics, Squiders?  Need any reqs?  (I have many reqs.)