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The Art of the Write-in

We all hear that writing is a solitary activity, but this is a new age of social media and I end up talking to other writers all the time.  I suspect, if you’re here, you’re the same way.

One of my favorite things about this new era of social writing is the idea of the write-in.  I was introduced to the concept through Nanowrimo – it’s where a group of writers get together and work on their own individual projects in the company of their own kind.

Write-ins can happen in person or virtually.  I personally prefer in-person, because it is an excuse for me to drink hot beverages and eat chocolate. 

They seem to have a strange inverse property.  The more writers present at a write-in, the more work gets the done.   The fewer writers, the more likely you will spend three hours talking about mermaids and Egyptian gods and why cheese is funny.

This may seem like a poor usage of time, but I would disagree.  Being able to chat with fellow writers, especially in real time, is enlightening.  Even if I get no real writing done, I come out of it with story ideas, advice about issues I may have that others know the answers to, and feedback when it’s needed.  Plus it’s some good socialization.

Do you participate in write-ins?  Do you find them useful?