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Time Management Has Failed Me

Here’s a question. How do you go to two writing meetings at the same time?

Or, perhaps more pressing, why would I schedule two writing meetings at the same time?

Well, the answer to that is easy, and that is that I forgot to put one on my calendar and so thought I was open when I rescheduled the other.

As an alternative but similar issue, Thursday night I must: go to smaller, mobile one’s art show, take the larger, mobile one to soccer practice, and run a writing meeting, all in the same time frame. Soccer and the art show overlap. I could make the husband take the larger, mobile one to soccer and take the smaller, mobile one to the art show, then drop said smaller, mobile one at soccer and go to the writing meeting, thus making the smaller, mobile one have to go through the art show twice.

Or I go to the art show myself, without the child with art in it, and then on to the writing meeting, and let the rest of my family fend for itself. OR I am late to my writing meeting, because we all go to soccer and then the art show and by then, I am an hour late to a meeting I am running.

So probably not the last one.

Back to the first problem. One of the writing meetings is online, so in theory I can go to the in-person one and then log into the online one while I am at the in-person one, assuming that there is wifi (possibly?) and that I won’t look like a wanker being on my computer in a setting where everyone takes notes in physical notebooks.

And that my laptop battery maintains life for the entirety of the meeting, which might be asking too much of the poor thing.

Said in-person meeting is also an hour away from where I live, so perhaps it’s just best to avoid two hours of driving and wait until the meetings rotate back up closer to home.

What have we got, squiders? Personally, I’m leaning toward giving the in-person meeting a pass and doing the online one instead. The soccer/art show/writing meeting issue remains in the air. I would move the writing meeting (since, you know, I run it) but I have new people signed up to come and that is confusing for them. Maybe I can push it back half an hour and no one will notice?

(Except that’s still not enough time. I’d have to go straight from soccer to writing meeting, and I will still miss the art show. But I should move the meeting back in general. Yesssss. ::makes note to self::)

At least I’m getting out of the house?