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For Sale

Hidden Worlds When Margery stumbles upon the Spork Room, a magical community for writers, she thinks she’s found some place she can belong where she doesn’t have to hide her stories from her peers.  But when she breaks the number one rule – don’t go through the Door without letting someone know where you are – she and her main character manage to destabilize the Door and get trapped inside.  (Also available on Kindle, Nook, and at Amazon)

On Submission

Broken MirrorsWinnie’s dreamed of coming into her full power as a witch.  She and her cockatiel familiar, Igor, have trained for years for her test, but when she’s finally called she’s unprepared for what she’s asked to do – kidnap a princess.   Her best friend, Princess Kayleigh, would do anything to escape from her father’s latest marriage scheme.  Chaos ensues.


Shards of Broken Wings – Eva is just trying to get through her degree without flunking out.  The last thing she needs is for some pretty boy to come by that she can’t get out of her head.  But he isn’t what he seems, and as she gets to know him better she finds herself in the middle of a millennia old rivalry and remembering a past she didn’t even know she had.

What Lurks Beneath the Bleachers – Ali and Sara are the best of friends, despite Ali’s propensity for pranks and getting under people’s skin.  Sara’s mostly worried about how she somehow landed the lead in the school musical (and if her rival will kill her for it) and not looking like an idiot in front of crush until Ali just…disappears.  But perhaps most disturbing is that Sara continues to receive letters from Ali in their shared locker, and they’re becoming increasingly desperate.

Third Fencepost – A joint story with my friend Sarah.  Ali and her good friend Chance are pleased to finally be counselors at their favorite summer camp, but the summer takes a sinister turn.


The Ri’shan Trilogy – Still working on the overall plot.  TRILOGIES ARE INSANE.  Second draft of first book is complete.  Second draft of second book is at about ~55K.

Whispers in the Dusk – Anna can’t remember anything, but there’s something about the town she wakes up in that isn’t right.  What’s really going on?  Who is she?  At ~15K.




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