Sample Covers Continued

So, I got a lot of feedback on the covers, and none of it was consistent, aha.

(I am aware I posted yesterday. Shhhhh.)

So I made covers for the first three books so I (and everybody else) had a better idea of what they’d look like as a series, and here’s what I have now:

But I also realized that I wasn’t 100% on the titles for the first two books. Which do you like better:

  • How to Find Story Ideas
  • An Easy Guide to Finding Story Ideas


  • How to Outline
  • An Easy Guide to Outlining

I unfortunately was not consistent in my titling when I was doing the revisions, so most of the books are one or the other (Easy Guide goes with Story Ideas, Outlining, and Working on Multiple Projects, How to goes with Consistency, just plain Guide goes with Submission and Publication, and then Common Writing Mistakes and Writing Around Life are just off on their own anyway). I should probably pick on or the other.

I like “How to” cuz it’s straight and to the point (and probably what someone will type into the search bar). But I also like “Easy Guide” because it implies that these are easy, short reads (which they are, except for the submission book which is a monster) so people know what they’re getting.

Minutiae, gets you every time.

Anyway, I’d love your feedback!

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  3. I like the top row the most, but the middle notebook graphic is too large for that frame, especially next to the others it looks off.

    The 2nd row will probably read the best on mobile with those large sans serif typeface–this is probably the best choice from a marketing perspective.

    The 2nd to bottom row has too many different typefaces, that’s bad graphic design, and the bottom row looks like something you might put together in Publisher (i.e. kinda amateurish). Also the overlay on the bottom row makes the title difficult to read.

    Just my opinion.


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