We’re Back and it’s the End of the Month

Oh, hey, we’re back in our house, and we’ve put most of the furniture back, so, you know, progress.

Also, all the houseplants got stuck in the office while the ceiling/walls were being redone, and I kind of like it. My own personal jungle. I am considering leaving them all here and potentially getting even more.

But we’ll see. I am a notorious houseplant killer and I’ve found that moving plants after they get used to something is generally a bad idea. I had two plants in college, an African violet and a tea rose, that I somehow kept alive and happy with my florescent desk lamp, and when I upgraded to a room off campus and natural sunlight, they both died.

I feel like July has been mostly catch-up, trying to recover from the fact that June was useless, and I feel like I’m getting closer. Actually, I’m going to take a look at my yearly goals and see what’s what.

Apparently I’m supposed to be finishing up my draft of World’s Edge because according to this I was supposed to have finished the changeling story in June. Actually, this has me working on both through May and June, which seems like bad planning on my part. Or maybe I just thought I’d pick one and run with it.

Actually, my timing on this is quite suspect. I’ve got five different projects on here for April, for example. Maybe I was thinking that if I was going to get to that project, that would be the month to do it.

January!Kit was full of hope and promise. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW.

I’m going to tweak this real quick. Hold on. (She says, like you’re not going to read this all at once.)

ANYWAY. July’s gone pretty well. Despite the anxiety of not living at home for two weeks, I actually had my second highest word count month. It’s not an impressive word count, but it’s not awful. I’m over halfway on the changeling story and have hit the point where I hate everything, but all that’s fixable in revision. And I am caught up on my prompt response stories, and almost caught up on my monthly reading goals.

For August, as we wait for school to never start, my goal is to work on finish the changeling story draft. If that gets done (unlikely, but hey, anything is possible) I’m going to revise my scifi horror novella that I finished earlier in the year. I put it through a critique marathon and got a ton of great feedback, but then, like an idiot, I had to move out of the house and got distracted and didn’t download the feedback for the last two weeks, and they only keep a few weeks of feedback because the server gets overloaded.

So that’s very distressing. I posted on the boards, though, and I’ve gotten a couple of emails with missing critiques, but alas, I will never regain some of it. And the end had the most comments, of course.

But, hey, no use crying over spilled milk.

And that will probably take us to Nano. Last year went pretty well, so, depending on the school situation and whatnot, we may give it a go again. Or not.

Also, I spent yesterday drawing a castle. It looks pretty nice in real life, but I both took a picture and scanned it, and couldn’t get it to quite look right. Ah well.

castle drawing, colored with colored pencils

Anyway, how are you, squiders? I’m pretty done with the whole pandemic thing, but I suspect everyone is. MileHiCon is going virtual and I need to decide what I’m doing with it. How are you guys doing, mentally?


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